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With a decade of experience behind her, Dee provides sexual awakening yoga, clothing-free yoga, sexual coaching, and tantra classes.

If you are an adventurous, young couple looking to further explore your sensual and sexual dynamic with your partner, a well established married couple trying to deepen your relationship, or if you’ve suffered pain or heartache, and you’d like to work on yourself privately, Dee offers a multitude of helpful, exploratory, and playful practices.

i spend more than 30 bucks on a useless lotion, and even more expensive-- 45 bucks on the slimulator!!!

Yes, certain strains of the medicinal herb were masterfully crafted to turn us into couch potato zombie mutants incapable of peeling ourselves away from the television but there are others that are meant to enlighten, invigorate, and enhance every aspect of the human experience.

So do some research on what you’re cheifin’, and get out there and get the most out of your expanded consciousness!

With cannabis quickly becoming decriminalized and legalized for recreational use, and yoga continuing to grow in popularity as an alternative, relaxing practice of exercise of the body and mind, it seems these two ancient practices were divinely destined to collide and bring health and happiness back the People of the West.

i use the slimulator first on belly and thighs, and then used lovehandler on belly, but i really cant see any different.

And i dont like the package of Bliss product, it is so simple and i think it is not worth the money at all.

I bought this product and Ulta and I truly do see results! I have lose 6 lbs total (from the diet) and am now at the point where I'm really not losing anymore weight.

So when I wake up every morning and see my whole stomach and back and love handles getting smaller it makes me so happy.


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