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The main self-reported risk factors among people diagnosed with HIV include heterosexual sex, mother to child transmission, homosexual sex, body piercing or tattooing and occupational exposure.

Other drivers of the epidemic are the high number of gender-based crimes as well as legislation that criminalizes sex work and homosexuality.

UNICEF also supports early HIV testing for children especially those born to HIV positive mothers and linking them to timely HIV treatment to reduce the high risk of mortality usually experiences among HIV infected infants.

UNICEF supports the government of Papua New Guinea, faith based organisations and other civil society organisations to provide PPTCT services and keep parents alive, a measure which contributes greatly to child survival.PASHIP an Aus AID-funded, five year initiative (October 2007-December 2012) aimed to reduce HIV infection rates through improving access to sexual health services.The Albion Centre (Albion) partnered with two Papua New Guinean agencies, Anglicare PNG (formerly Anglicare Stop AIDS) and the Anglican Health Services (AHS), with lead agency the Anglican Board of Mission-Australia in a consortium named the 4As.UNICEF works with government and civil society organizations in Papua New Guinea to prevent new HIV infections and increase treatment during both decades of a child’s life through improved and equitable use of proven HIV prevention and treatment interventions by pregnant women, children and adolescents.One of the best ways to ensure children are born free of HIV is to offer a package of services for Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV (PPTCT) to pregnant women and their infants.The majority of HIV positive children are reluctant to disclose their HIV status to friends and relatives in their community for fear of stigma and discrimination.


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