Rocsi dating

Rosie was just 10 when her mom Roseann died of breast cancer, while Tatum's mother, actress Joanna Moore lost custody of her children due to her drug and alcohol abuse when her daughter was six. The couple, who had three children together, divorced in 1994.Because of O'Neal's serious drug problems Mc Enroe obtained custody of the children in 1998Both had difficult relationships with their dads.Chelsea has since moved out to be with her biological mother in Wisconsin'I finally decided to pursue it last year,' added O'Neal.

Tatum, who has three grown children from her eight-year marriage to tennis champ John Mc Enroe, announced she was now 'dating mostly women' in an interview with People magazine in May.

Though O’Donnell is happy in her new relationship, she told Stern on Monday that she would never get married again.

RELATED VIDEO: Rosie O’Donnell Wants to Play Steve Bannon on She also called dating someone younger for the first time a “very trippy thing.” “I get along so well with her, it’s kind of fascinating,” she added.

Tatum said she did not believe she had a 'type' of woman.

'I don't want to be so superficial to say that I'm looking for someone beautiful, but beauty is inside and out, it really is.


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