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Nobody did more than stare, though, maybe because of the big black bouncer standing outside the door. The couple moved inside, unaware of Jacen's eyes following Ann's firm ass. And no shit." The inside bouncer answered through the almost hidden earpiece.

The display behind him advertised the amateur night and the 0 prize. 'Damn, look at the body on that slut,' he whispered into the microphone he wore. *** Tom and Ann paused inside the smoked glass front door, looking around. He was proud of how sexy and beautiful his wife was.

"At least it's clean," he paused, "Looks like a decent enough place." The only strip joints he had ever been toa couple bachelor partieshad been real shit holes. Like the inside bouncer, he had been alerted to a particularly tasty visitor by Jacen's statement.

Behind the couple, the next group entering held the door wide enough for the club owner to see Jacen looking inside.

She was sexed up, and knew that several of the guys in the line were staring at her. "Maybe." "She should enter," Jacen encouraged them, "You'd be a natural, ma'am." Ann blushed and looked away.

They sipped their beers and watched the girl dance... "I have," she nodded, not looking at Tom, "I'm going to give it a try." "What? You can find something back there..." not completing the sentence 'to take off for my customers.' Before Tom was really aware of what was happening, his wife had disappeared through the heavy curtains left of the stage, which hid a door to the back of the club.

The club owner was back in just a moment, though, sliding into the seat after waving to one of the waitresses and motioning for he and Tom to get fresh drinks. " Tom asked, aware that he only had a little cash in his wallet. "I told you if she danced it would be." Tom relaxed; he even smiled.

You are astonishing." "I don't know," Ann demurred. "She's never done anything like this before," Tom said, "We saw your ad, and thought we'd check the place out, first." "Of course," the owner smiled broadly, as if that was the most natural thing in the world, "And I'm sure you'll be quite impressed... the best service, the best food, the best beer and booze...

and the prettiest dancers." He looked around conspirationally, "I hate to confess it, but judging from the competition, you have a great shot at winning," he winked, "Go grab a seat.


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